Recent Client Testimonials

Laura Burgess,
Assistant Principal of Reach Alpha Academy Trust

As Assistant Principal, Head of Inclusion, SENDCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead of a registered Alternative Provision it was clear to observe that there was a need for intervention in regards to keeping our vulnerable children safe from gang affiliation the culture and risks that are generated from it. 

There was also a need to raised aspiration, raise awareness and empower students to be able to make positive life changing decisions.

Reach Alpha Academy Trust’s Safeguarding Team commissioned Saint Sterling – Real Services over a year ago. Saint Sterling’s charismatic emotive deliveries of his own personal experiences of his life as a gang member captured and engaged our students allowing a clear message to resignate. It allowed them to recognise their own possible vulnerabilities, the dangers of exploitation and  long/short term ramifications of gang involvement. Real Talk have also worked with students on an individual basis.

Real Services impact can be clearly measured as there has been a significant reduction of safeguarding concerns around gang/youth violence and student involvement in knife crime. I strongly recommend Real Services to enriched student personal development

Zoe Simpson
Designated Safeguarding Lead, Reach Acadamy

As the DSL for the Reach Acadamy based in Stoke-on-Trent I was approached by Saint to do his very first student ‘Real Talk’ Gang and Youth Violence session back in 2019. At the time many of our students were requiring intervention; as many were discussed on the North and South Gang and Youth Violence Meetings.

Saint’s first session was an outstanding success, I was very nervous as I had placed all our students in the same group together, but Saint commanded the room and their attention.

Saint was able through his own ‘lived experience’ to share the truth with regards to youth violence, knife crime, gang affiliation and criminal exploitation to all of our students. Saint’s delivery was so powerful all of our students sat in absolute silence and in awe, you could hear a pin drop in the room.

The impact of the session was that over the next few weeks after Saint had talked to our students the numbers of students that we’re previously discussed on the gang and youth violence panel meetings reduced dramatically. Names started coming off those youth violence panels one after the other. That was the true impact.

Due to the changing nature of the Reach Academy and different students coming on and off roll; we have had Saint in again on numerous occasions to speak to our students. Saint has also done one to one work with our most vulnerable students to help them recognise their own vulnerabilities, the risks to them and how others are exploiting them. So that students can make informed choices and choose a different pathway and future for themselves.

I cannot recommend Saint Sterling and Real Talk enough, if you’ve not got him booked in then what are you waiting for.

If you would like to arrange a Real Services workshop or chat with us about what we have to offer,
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