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1 hour Urban Street Gang Awareness Session

Parental Urban Street Crime and Gang Awareness STAFFORDSHIRE

Professional Training & Consultancy

Educational and youth support workshop relating to Urban Street Gang Awareness | the realities of getting involved with a gang and the difficulties faced once in.

Prevention is Key

1 hour Urban Street Gang awareness session

1-hour hard-hitting & informative motivational workshop for young people.

This session involves a Criminal Justice trained, lived experience speaker regarding the realities of getting involved with a  gang and the difficulties faced once in. Our Street Gang Awareness Session explores the effects this lifestyle has on the brain & personal development and beliefs around masculinity (both genders), using present research & brain images from Harvard.

We further explore the risks of social media and its links to exploitation and indoctrination in all forms. We inform and increase participant awareness of joint enterprise, while building self-worth and the motivation to change. 

Highly recommended by Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire Safe-guarding board and Staffordshire Social services. 

Street Gang Awareness Classroom

Urban Street Gang
Awareness Session

1 hour Educational and Youth Support Workshop
£ 120
  • Innovative Approach
  • Guidance and Support Methods
  • Recommended by Staffs Police
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If you would like to arrange a Real Services workshop or chat with us about what we have to offer,
please email us at or call us on 
07494 551403.

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