1 hour Parental Urban Street Crime and Gang
Awareness Workshop

Parental Urban Street Crime and Gang Awareness STAFFORDSHIRE

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Parental Urban Street Crime & Gang Awareness Workshop relating to gang labelled offending / street crime, gang use of social media, CSE and youth violence

1 hour Parental Urban Street Crime and Gang Awareness Workshop

1 hour Parental Urban Street Crime and Gang Awareness  Workshop providing parents with an in-depth understanding of how a gang targets and recruits young people and why. We discuss the risk to the individuals fundamental & personal development leading to negative effects on impulsivity, aggression and consequential thinking. Increased awareness on the risk of negative social norms such as masculinity, communication & emotional management while promoting Strategies for secure positive relationships.

If your child is already involved in a gang, they may not want to discuss their situation and may even be scared. They must know you want to be there, listen and support them. Our workshops are here to educate you to help them in making sure that they know they have a choice.

The session is specifically designed to offer educational guidance to parents or carers on gangs and associated gang culture. We help you to understand the warning signs of potential gang involvement or organised street crime and give you advice on how to implement actions in response. We cover the increasing use of social media for gang recruitment and the behavioural patterns to look out for. This will be brutally honest discussion about the entrenched reasons behind why youngsters choose to get involved in street gangs culture.

Parental Urban Street Crime and Gang Awareness workshop

Parental Urban Street Crime and Gang Awareness Workshop

1 hour Parental / Carer Support Workshop
£ 120
  • Innovative Approach
  • Guidance and Support Methods
  • Recommended by Staffs Police
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