Gangs and Knife Crime Violence
and negative social issues


Our programs and workshops aim to give understanding and awareness to Gangs and Knife Crime Violence and negative social issues that we see growing on our streets.  We specialise in innovative prevention and intervention support education systems and methods to individuals, groups and parents.
Gangs and Knife Crime Support Help | REAL Services Raise Knife Crime Awareness in Schools and Youth.  We Address the risks involved in street gang culture, county lines drug trafficking and the carrying and use of weapons.

Our Programs

Practice Areas

Real Services believes in a human approach and aims to reduce crime by supporting professionals to gain better understanding of the issues faced within the community, leading to better, brighter outcomes for all. In addition to this, we aim to support young people to reach their potential, by inspiring change and giving individuals the fundamental skills that are needed to lead more productive and safer lives.  For further enquiries please contact us…

Mentoring Outreach & Detached Youth Workshop
friends together after mentoring


Anti-Trust & Competition

This session is an emotions and beliefs school leadership teams focused program that aims to develop participant understanding and awareness of masculinity and its influence on an individual’s beliefs & actions. We explore beliefs using the nested ecological model & gamut while helping to develop emotional awareness using internal cues. We give guidance on increasing the individual’s ability to identify risky personal rules & negative social norms while strengthening participant resilience strength in conflict situations. We aim to increase participants social capital & their ability to plan and set meaningful goals by increasing true self-worth. 


After care - Around the clock

AFTER CARE is an out of hours service that provides individuals peer to peer support in non-working hours. In addition to this due to strategic training Real service is in an unique position to support emergency exit strategy service by providing the individual with a safe space people to discuss issues/risks that concerns them in present moment, explore options/strategies and advocate desistence alongside service provider support. Can be add on package for REAL-TALK 121


One 2 One Discussions

REAL TALK is a peer mentoring service designed to support the disengaged on a one to one basis due to the individual’s risk & requirements. Intensive support that aims to not only pro-social model positive behaviours but strengthens the young person’s ability to use assertive communication, forward planning, emotional management, and consequential thinking, while using a criminal justice strength-based approach in tandem with an innovative street-based approach. While using a lived experienced mentor lived experience to challenge, motivate and inspire positive change in individuals that are living chaotic or have disengaged from support due to lifestyle. Multi-agency works collaboratively undertaken and signposted (Dictated by Threshold document). Contact us for more details.


REAL Open Talk

Is an informal, yet responsive/productive 6 session group programme for young people to raise issues that they face, while exploring alternative ways of managing situations that reduce the risk of re-offending in the future. While using best practice from within the criminal justice industry to support skills to desist from negative behaviour and lived experience to explore, challenge and inspire change.  

We educate and inform youth about the risks involved with Gangs and Knife Crime Violence

We educate and inform youth about the inherent dangers of knife crime and assist youngsters in making positive decisions to stay safe. Our workshops and sessions follow the path of both the victim and the offender. We journey through a series of unique and immersive circumstances to exhibit to young people how ill-informed choices and consequences are intrinsically combined.

Our workshops switch young people’s attitudes to knife crime. We expose the false myth that says carrying a knife will protect you. We reinforce better social values and ensure young people give and spread better advice to each other, safely challenging their peers and friends who are carrying (or thinking of carrying) a knife.

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