Gang Crime
Awareness Workshop

Parental Urban Street Crime and Gang Awareness STAFFORDSHIRE

Professional Training & Consultancy

Educational and youth support workshop relating to gang crime awareness including labelled offending, gang use of social media, CSE and youth violence to service providers.

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Our attention-grabbing Gang Crime Awareness Workshops give guidance and support to youth, education, youth workers, police and other establishments to deglamorise and understand the indoctrination methods and criminal activities within gangs. We bring attention to the rationale of people carrying knives and firearms and the implications of their actions. We further investigate ways of avoiding conflict and making better-informed decisions.

Lived experience Consultant based approach on gang crime awareness, labelled offending, youth violence and exploitation. Using personal accounts to highlight the realistic impacts of being raise, grown and groomed by anti-social/criminal/gang culture from an early age, leading to long lasting consequences. We aim to have a positive impact on the way service providers understand and engage young people living chaotic lifestyles. Highlighting areas that could benefit from an innovative approach to bridge the gap between service user and service provider. Highly recommended by Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire Safe-guarding board and Staffordshire Social services. 

Parental Urban Street Crime and Gang Awareness workshop

Gang Crime Awareness Workshop

Educational and Youth Support Workshop
£ 175
  • Innovative Approach
  • Guidance and Support Methods
  • Recommended by Staffs Police
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Knife crime and offensive weapon facts

• Knife crime affects a high number of young people, and the problem is growing.
• It is an unrelenting and worrying concern for police, parents and the general public.
• The most common age to start carrying and possessing a knife is between 14 to 17 years old.
• The Possession of a knife or/and offensive weapon on school grounds can result in up to four years imprisonment and a substantial fine for the perpetrator.
• Most fatal stabbings are associated with a common domestic kitchen knife.
• Over 80% of stab victims are of the male gender.
• Around 50% of attackers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time an attack takes place.
• Over 70% of stab wound victims know their attackers.
• A person who carries a knife is statistically more likely to be stabbed, and it’s highly probable to be with    a weapon they own.
• Knives get used in 4 out of 10 murders involving youngsters in the United Kingdom.

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What is the government doing to tackle violent crime?

The following linked fact sheet was updated on 23 April 2020

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